about me

prattler, good-for-nothing, stargazer.

There’s a myth in Plato’s Republic The Ship of State. Here's how it goes: a ship is out to sea, and the captain is infirm. The sailors all vie against one another for the captain’s position, proposing this or that method, but more often than not demeaning, ostracizing, or throwing overboard those who threaten their power. But who is the true navigator? The one who looks up at the stars, of course. And although he navigates by the certitude of Polaris, he is called a fool by the other sailors, who navigate by power instead of conviction, and who know not what they do. The ship sails onward, towards destinations unknown.  

Plato’s anecdote is a metaphor for power in politics. But it’s also a metaphor for the human soul.

Like the Ship of State, we often find ourselves in murky water, questioning where we need to go, and not knowing where to turn. When you find yourself in these doldrums, it’s time to consult the stargazer. 

In my practice, we’ll gaze at the stars together. We’ll identify constellations, myths, anecdotes, archetypes, and urban legends. We’ll discuss how these stories, ancient and modern, inform our own lives. What can the Epic of Gilgamesh teach us about grief? How can the Virgin Guadalupe advocate for our humanization? What can Sagittarius, step-brother of the muses, tell us about spontaneity’s role in the arts? What does the Buddha’s transition from selfish prince to spiritual redeemer tell us about growing up? We’ll explore the heavens and bring some of those lofty stars down to earth; we’ll define what these legends mean for you.

So come find me. All there's left to do is look up.




Sean Koa Seu (he/him/his) is an astrologer, theatre-maker, storyteller, and anti-capitalist hailing from a Lynchian seaside town in Washington State. He most recently produced The Victorias, a New Yorker Documentary on the actors who portray historical figures at New York's Tenement Museum. He holds a BA in Drama from Kenyon College.

He's in Los Angeles, where he studies LA Urban Semiotics. He's currently producing a tarot deck based on the mythos of Southern California. He's been known to dance.