seany the stargazer

mythos based astrology

  • "The reading you gave me was truly incredible and enlightening and I've read it to everyone I know and I think about it all the time."

    - Rebecca, Aquarius

  • "Joyful and delicious and personal."

    - Emma, Virgo

  • “Seany’s birth chart reading acted as a catalyst for my soul. He illuminated parts of mySelf in a way that inspired evolution and growth. His style was poetic and I loved his use of archetypes and mythology. He was deeply present, gentle and kind.”

    - Lea, Pisces

  • "The tears fell uncontrollably, truly a gut reaction. Thank you for the clarity."

    - Cello, Scorpio

  • "I appreciate the time and effort you put into researching my chart and explaining everything so clearly. Your reading has given me a lot of insight into my life and helped me understand myself better. Your kind words also lifted my spirits and made me feel encouraged and supported."

    - Wilden, Aquarius

  • "I can't thank you enough for this reading and tarot pull. It was and continues to be incredibly generous and insightful on your part and very generative and grounding for me... the insight of your reading really opened up a space of calm and necessary reflection for me."

    - Sylvie, Virgo