What's the difference between an astrology reading and a tarot reading?

Because astrology readings are based on your personal timestamp (when and where you were born), astrology tends to be larger in scope. An astrology reading attempts to contextualize your life as a whole, and the information gleaned from your birth information is highly personalized. Astrology readings are great for the big questions: Who am I? What's my purpose? How do I relate to others? What are my strengths?

The tarot is more generalized (there is no personalized chart), but it's also more immediate. Tarot readings are good for tackling the dilemmas of the moment: what should I be focusing on now? In tackling my current problem, how should I move forward? How can I articulate the present?

Why is the rate for astrology higher than the rate for tarot?

It's a question of time + purpose!

The most successful astrology readings are prepared ahead of time by an invested astrologer. I create your chart based on the data you provide, conduct a pre-consult to make sure we focus on your greatest needs, analyze the data points (of which there are thousands!) and pull stories, anecdotes, and poems from my personal library. My dream? For you to walk away with resources you can refer to for years to come.

Because of the spontaneous nature of the tarot, there is no prep time. The goal of a tarot reading is to help you move forward with a particular dilemma or issue. This means that tarot is meant to be returned to again and again. It also means that the rate is lower.

Do you ever travel / take specific requests / do special events / provide financial aid?

Yes, yes, yes, and yes! Don't hesitate to reach out about special accommodations, your events, or questions about what kind of reading may be best for you. Sliding scale financial aid is available for anyone who asks, on the condition that you use your reading to elevate the material conditions of yourself and your community.