Gemini Makes the World

Gemini Makes the World

“In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God.”

It is hard to understate the value of language. Its constant drone is so pervasive that we often fail to notice how strange it sounds, how powerful it is. Many of us go about our lives unaware that we have constructed ourselves entirely of language— we must tell ourselves about our own lives, converting our direct experience to words in our heads. In this way we distort what is real to fit our own stories. If we have no words for it, did it happen? 

Enter Gemini. The third sign of the Zodiac is the last sign of the Spring. It is the first account of the year. What does this mean? 

Think of the year as a newborn babe. The season of Aries is the season of birth— where there was nothing, there is now something, the observer, you. From that “you,” we then come to know “not you.” This is Taurus, it is our environment, the beauty of the life around us. What connects the bridge, then, between the newborn and her nursery? It is the dialectic. It is language. 

Without Gemini, nothing would exist. Or, put another way, ONLY EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE, ALL AT ONCE would exist. There would be no way to describe the difference between the observer and the observed. The word “me” differentiates me from “you.” The word “this,” differentiates this from “that.”  If we had no language, we could not agree where the land stopped and the sea began. There would be no “land,” no “sea,” no “beach,” no “shore.” Just endless …something…and even “something” exists because it is a word, and conjures “nothing.” This is why Gemini is the first account of the Zodiac, the first foray out of ourselves and into the world. Without the symbols it provides, we would not know the difference between Aries and Taurus. We would never have named the stars.

The “Knowledge” thrust upon Adam and Eve was the knowledge of the Great Binary. The fruit from the heavenly garden tasted “Good” and thus Evil was born. Once the first humans began to partition the world into words, we separated ourselves from the garden. Paradise was when the world was whole. The world is now at once in pieces. We have babbled ever since.

But binary itself is illusion. “False binary” is a redundant phrase. For Yin cannot exist without Yang, and so they are simultaneously each other. Do we really separate the world when we speak of it? (Say the word “binary” and “spectrum” appears.)

Do we charge Gemini with the original sin? How do we get ourselves back to the garden? “The Way that can be spoken of is not the eternal Way.” The word is always incomplete, so listen well to the words of others; how they describe themselves, their world, it rings with truth, in that it is also false. After all, reality is a synthesis of all the competing opposites. The truth lies somewhere between all of us. In this way, Gemini, the separator, is actually the glue. (Say “separator” and “glue” is born.) After all, is there anything better than sitting around on a day in late May? Breeze on the veranda, Spring swelling into Summer, enjoying a few good words between friends?

Now until Monday, June 5th. Taurus Jupiter Conjunct North Node.

Who you are is not conceptual; the self exists within your physical body, and to grow into your fullest self means being at home in this world now. Your best self is not to be projected into the future, but must exist presently, and must be nurtured the way the rest of life is nurtured; with a little food, water, light, and space to grow. This is Love. It is not an idea. It is not a concept. Love is in the room with you right now. Real, embodied, physical, material, and here.



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