Birth and Rebirth... It's a Celebration. The Weekender.

Birth and Rebirth... It's a Celebration. The Weekender.

PLANET EARTH – We begin Friday softly, as Cancer Venus forms a favorable aspect with Pisces Neptune. Venus returns to her home in the Neptunian seas and we, in turn, return home to Venus, to Muh-ther. The world is our family; at times it can be cruel, tense, in discord, but that is not tonight. Tonight we have put aside our differences. Tonight we are home again. Tonight we are tucked warm under the starry blanket. Rest easy, gather your strength; there’s a party on Saturday that you’re expected at. 

The Moon waxes full on Saturday in Sagittarius. It’s a night of celebration, of revelry; when we are authentic, we are pure creation. To let yourself be yourself brings new ways of being into the universe. Dress how you want, be who you want, love who you want; it’s a night to experiment, to explore, to discover something new about yourself. Best of all, you get to play in safety; your family is here, they have your back. 

As the party winds down, Venus lingers long. She comes opposite Pluto; she is transformed, reborn. As the sun rises on Sunday, we look at one another with new eyes. The social fabric has changed; the Sagittarian party has done its work, and we are transformed. We part ways with new modes of expression, new ways of seeing each other. We have loved one another. We have queered one another. 

Happy Pride. <3

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